KADIS IDK GmbH offers quality assessment tests in the field of diabetes mellitus. All types of medical devices such as glucose sensors, insulin pumps, blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips and lancing devices are examined and tested. A particular focus is on the performance evaluation of blood glucose meters according to DIN EN ISO 15197:2015.

DCC Diabetes ServiCe Center GmbH (DCC GmbH) provides telemedical services online.


Funded externally funded projects in the IDK in the last 10 years

Diabetes Information- and Service-Center (DISCO), 2000-2006
Ensuring and developing the preliminary research for the InnoRegio DISCO project, 2001-2005
Immunodiagnostic tests, 2001-2003
Animal Testing (ProInno-assisted projects), 2002-2003 ...
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Das Karlsburger Diabetes-Management System KADIS®

Diabetes ServiCe Center Karlsburg


Within the framework InnoRegio announced and promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany our Institute of Diabetes »Gerhardt Katsch« Karlsburg is responsible for management and carring out of the InnoRegio-Network DISCO (Diabetes Information- and Service-Center Online) with several projects handled by our facility.


The vision of the DISCO-Network:
"evelopment and put into practice of a telemedical Diabetes Information- and Service-Center (DISCO) based on linked structures of diabetes care will provide a lot of new services for patients, their relations and for practitioners as well as medical teams."
will be transposed by projects e.g. for the development and evaluation of telemedical supported diabetes care, development of KADIS®-type-2-diabetes and of KADIS®-based services. An important mile stone in the implementation of the InnoRegio-Network DISCO is the foundation of the Diabetes ServiCe Center Karlsburg (DCC Karlsburg). This company was initiated by actors from the Institute of Diabetes »Gerhardt Katsch« and small innovative companies from the Karlsburg campus. The DCC Karlsburg provides telemedical services.
In the following we have listed currently running and finished projects:

Diabetes-Disease-Management-Modell (V1A)

The project V1A is part of the cooperative project "Development of a Diabetes Disease Management Model and a communication model belong the demands of a Disease Management Programm Provider". Following topics were handled...
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KADIS®-based DMP-Process model (K1)

Based on linked structures of diabetes care and a telemedical- supported exchange of data and information a Disease Management Program Provider (DMP-Provider) should be established for the first time in the region Nord/Ost-Vorpommern. The project aimed on a exemplary implementation and validation in the field of diabetes within the framework InnoRegio promoted by the BMBF. The exemplary development and experimental validation should be follow a two step procedure...
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