KADIS IDK GmbH offers quality assessment tests in the field of diabetes mellitus. All types of medical devices such as glucose sensors, insulin pumps, blood glucose meters, blood glucose test strips and lancing devices are examined and tested. A particular focus is on the performance evaluation of blood glucose meters according to DIN EN ISO 15197:2015.

DCC Diabetes ServiCe Center GmbH (DCC GmbH) provides telemedical services online.

KADIS®-based DMP-Process model (K1)

Short description of the project contents
Based on linked structures of diabetes care and a telemedical- supported exchange of data and information a Disease Management Program Provider (DMP-Provider) should be established for the first time in the region Nord/Ost-Vorpommern. The project aimed on a exemplary implementation and validation in the field of diabetes within the framework InnoRegio promoted by the BMBF.
The exemplary development and experimental validation should be follow a two step procedure.

Step 1
Conception and development of the DMP-process model including the exemplary realization of the DMP- test moduls necessary for the experimental review

Step 2
Performing of a facility and acceptance study for the experimental validation of the KADIS®-based DMP- pocess model in mind of a telemedical supported DMP-Provider

Target of the project
Aim of the project is the development and experimental validation of a KADIS®-ased process model exemplary implemented for the diabetes care and a Disease Management Programm (DMP) -provider. The realization of the project DMP-process model will be a first important step in the development of the region Nord/Ost-Vorpommern as a model region of e-health services in diabetes disease management in Germany.

Representation of the use
The results of the facility and acceptance study will provide for the first time valuable data and information on the development and implementation of a DMP-provider in health care systems. The succesfull validated test moduls will remove technical and technological deficits and should be developed as applications of a telemedical supported DMP-provider in further projects. The main benifit of the development and validation of the KADIS®-based DMP-process model comes from the rational usage of ressources, which the region canobtain from them health care. The resulting potential of saving costs is very important in consideration of limited ressources for health management in the region. Furthermore the project creates a basis for establishment of new not subsidized jobs in the region.

Representation of the innovation
The moduls developed within the scope of the project extend the spectrum of KADIS® by implementing the KADIS®-functionality within a Client/Server-environment including solutions for specific input/ output interfaces and DMP-typical features as a virtual diabetes logbook and introduction of an electronical data recording, documentation and transfer. Provided that these developments on a high scientific level will be succesful, the region will be told an enduring profit of image as a location of knwo how in the scope of health management.

Form of the financing
Promotion of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany in the scope of the InnoRegio- competition and private capital of the participant actors.

Problems and approaches to solution
Scientific/ technical aims of the project are development and experimental validation of a DMP-process model, implementing the basic KADIS®-unctionality as highly specialized modules and to generate the presuppositions to include KADIS® in the telemedical services of the DCC. In order to attain this aim the following research and development outputs should be produced:

  • Conception and development of a DMP-Process model of a DCC- supported Diabetes Disease Management Program Provider
  • Development and experimental Implementation of DMP- test moduls including the interface to the DCC in order to be able to perform practice tests of the KADIS®-based DMP-processes
  • Validation study for an experimental proof of the facility and acceptance of the new developed KADIS®-based DMP- test moduls

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